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Bob n' Cars

Bob n' Cars

Our first standalone bob 'n cars was a (small) success. Doing our best to keep it intimate, the lot was full of family, friends, unique cars and of course, lots of bob. 

 The local crew and eclectic collection of cars made for a special time that felt like it could have been an event from a decade ago—just smiles and chatter about life and the good times that surround it. The Oilstainlab lads brought out their Half11 which was a delightful treat, while Alfas, Ferraris, Porsches, Group A Rally cars, Baja Bugs and unfinished Hot Rods were scattered throughout our Santa Monica lot. 

Thanks to all that came and who helped make our first stand-alone bob 'n cars a relaxing and refreshing event. Keep an eye out as we'll be announcing the next one soon. 

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