3 Month Rare & Remarkable Coffee Gift

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Indulge someone with the ultimate gift.

Send your coffee aficionado - on our moonshot quest for the rarest coffee in the world with our unique Rare and Remarkable Coffee Gift.

Our dedication to finding the world’s most exceptional coffees in the global luxury coffee market is unmatched. As active participants in coffee auctions, we offer a completely elevated experience that goes beyond what is ordinary.

Our rare coffees are a great weekend indulgence and one of the finest gifts you can give to the coffee lovers in your life who have everything.

Consumption Guidelines: Two six-ounce jars are about a one month supply of weekend coffee for households with two to three coffee drinkers.

On your terms: For our gift subscription you will only be charged once for your 3, 6, or 12 month and it will not renew. Refunds will not be permitted.

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About This Coffee

Countries of origin we have included in our portfolio and regularly visit on our buying journeys: Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Thailand, United States, Yemen, and Zambia.

You can pause, modify, or cancel a subscription at any time.

For prepaid subscriptions you can pause, modify, or cancel at any time but refunds will not be permitted within the pre-paid period. At the conclusion of the prepaid period the subscription will automatically renew for the same time period.

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