Colombia Finca Monteblanco Coconut Lemonade

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This is easily one of the most dynamic coffees we've ever tasted: notes of dried apricot, lavender, honey, and citrus zest punch through in a dazzling display that leaves even the most discerning palates stunned. The result of a co-fermentation process from the innovative producer Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia, the Colombia Finca Monteblanco Coconut Lemonade is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. Pre-order this coffee today and receive your rare coffee two weeks before they are made available in store!

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Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Citrus Zest, Dried Apricot, Honey, Lavender

Consumption Guidelines: Two six ounce jars are about a one month supply of weekend coffee for households with two to three coffee drinkers.

About This Coffee

Rodrigo began focusing on objective quality after learning to cup as part of a class offered to children of coffee producers in the region of Huila, Colombia. He was determined to grow consistently exceptional coffee. His grandfather founded the farm in the 1980’s which now encompasses 18 hectares of land with its own wet mill and drying facility (which is quite common in Colombia, where most farms handle their own processing and drying). One of the first plants planted in the farm was the Purple Caturra which is identifiable because of its purple hue.

For the first two generations of production, the quality of the coffee was subjectively categorized by flavor profiles. Rodrigo realized the potential of the coffee grown in Monteblanco and made it his goal to produce consistently great coffee. Some of the varieties grown in Monteblanco are Red and Pink Bourbon, and Red and Purple Caturra. The lot goodboybob acquired is the Purple Caturra, known for its distinct hue, which was co-fermented with a solution of Coconut, Molasses, and Citrus Fruit for 150 hours - described above.

Rodrigo is proud that he and his wife Claudia Samboni, farm manager Don Gerardo, and the field team consistently produce high quality coffee including microlots like this Purple Caturra that serve as competition coffees. The farm also produces quality coffee at container size volumes. By applying an ethic of rigorous monitoring, planning, and management at each stage of production and processing, all coffees from Monteblanco showcase their full potential.

Dive into the world of innovation with this coffee from the visionary Colombian producer Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia. The Colombia Finca Monteblanco "Coconut Lemonade" represents the pinnacle of cutting-edge processing techniques.

Rodrigo's groundbreaking approach involved the art of co-fermentation, infusing his purple caturra cherries with a unique blend of natural additives, including the essence of coconut and citrus fruits. By nurturing a special fermentation culture enriched with molasses and a touch of sweetness, Rodrigo crafted a coffee masterpiece that's as vibrant and creative as he is.

The coffee and culture are placed in a sealed tank, fermenting for 150 hours, before basking in the golden rays of the sun for 2-3 days, followed by a gentle drying process under the comforting shade for 15-18 days until reaching the perfect moisture level of 10-11%. This is easily one of the most dynamic coffees we've ever tasted: notes of dried apricot, lavender, honey, and citrus zest punch through in a dazzling display that leaves even the most discerning palates stunned.

  • Farm:  Finca Monteblanco
  • RegionHuila
  • VarietyPurple Caturra
  • Processing: Coconut Lemonade Co-Fermented Natural
  • Altitude:  1,730 meters

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