Colombia Las Margaritas Sudan Rume

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Renowned for its distinctly fruity and floral profile, this ancient variety, first discovered in 1942 in the Boma Plateau of South Sudan, is the genetic precursor of many well-known coffee types.

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Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Cantaloupe, Cherry, Clementine

Consumption Guidelines: Two six ounce jars are about a one month supply of weekend coffee for households with two to three coffee drinkers.

About This Coffee

Granja La Esperanza is a group overseeing five farms: Cerro Azul, Las Margaritas, La Esperanza, Potosí, and Hawaii. Each of these farms grows specialty-grade coffee. They have also created a “Community Program: Café Granja La Esperanza” program in which smaller farms are provided with the support and resources needed to sell and export their coffees.

Granja La Esperanza started with the founding of Finca Potosi by Rigoberto Herrera Correa’s grandparents. The first evolution of the farm occurred in 1945 when Typica, Yellow Bourbon, and Red Bourbon varieties were planted. This set the family in a new direction in coffee production. As Rigoberto and his brother, Luis, grew older, they placed a significant interest in the family business. With that, a second farm was acquired, Finca La Esperanza.

Next, in 2007 Rigoberto leased and managed a farm in Panama where Geisha was planted. After running the farm for a year, Rigoberto won first place in the Best of Panama. The same seeds were then brought back to Colombia and used in the founding of the next addition, Finca Cerro Azul.

As time went on, the group acquired additional farms. As a result, Finca Las Margaritas is known for growing Pacamara, Sudan Rume, Geisha, Tabi, Laurina, and Sidra. These varieties are known for their exotic flavor profiles and quality. Las Margaritas also has its own processing facilities.

For this month’s rare offering, we are thrilled to bring you two distinct natural coffees from Colombia’s Cafe Granja la Esperanza’s Las Margaritas farm from Valle del Cauca. This is the first year Goodboybob is partnering with brothers Rigoberto and Luis Herrera Correa, who direct the company. This lot is a Natural Sudan Rume, while the other is an Anaerobic Natural Gesha.

Sudan Rume (RD-510)  is an ancient variety first discovered in 1942 in the Boma Plateau of South Sudan and is the genetic precursor of widely known types. Sudan Rume is significant for producers because of its resistance to Coffee Berry Disease (compared to Arabica and Robusta Hybrids). In addition, Sudan Rume is renowned for its distinct fruity and floral profile. It is not widely available due to its low yields. Still, the quality of this variety and the efforts of Finca Las Margaritas processing this natural (fruit-dried) coffee yields a stunning cup with an intense rock candy sweetness, a balanced winey acidity, and distinct flavors of strawberry, cantaloupe, cherry, and clementine.

  • Farm: Las Margaritas
  • Region: Valle del Cauca
  • Variety: Sudan Rume
  • Processing: Natural
  • Altitude: 1,570 – 1,850 masl

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