Ethiopia Daniso Horsa

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This exceptional fruit-dried natural processed Ethiopian variety comes from the Sidama Region, the ancestral birthplace of coffee.

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Roast: Lighter

Tasting Notes: Honeydew, Blueberry, Jasmine.

Consumption Guidelines: Three 12 ounce bags are about a one month supply of coffee for households with two to three coffee drinkers.

About This Coffee

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and within Ethiopia, you can still find wild coffee in the forests of Sidama, where the terroir is optimal for coffee. Because of the local climate and elevation, coffee ripens slower than in many other areas of Ethiopia, allowing sugars to fully develop and produce an exceptional high-quality cup of coffee with nuanced flavors and aromatics.

Because of the hard and resilient work of the producers and harvesters, and with on-the-ground assistance from Catalyst Trade, we are able to offer this exceptional example of a fruit-dried (natural) Ethiopian coffee. Our importer, Catalyst Trade, with partial Ethiopian ownership, provides technical assistance while processing, milling, and exporting these coffees. They also offer educational conferences in nearby Hawassa to further develop local farmers in the area. With training covering quality, advanced processing, and even finance and ethics training, they assist farmers in meaningful ways and help ensure we have exceptional coffees like Dansio Horsa.

goodboybob brings you Ethiopia Daniso Horsa, a producer whose farm is located near Faificho Village in the Bensa district of Sidama. Exceptional coffee starts with exceptional fruit. This district abuts the Harena Forest and National Park, Ethiopia's largest and one of the few remaining natural forests. Daniso Horsa’s farm, near coffee’s ancestral birthplace, provides the perfect terroir for variety 74158 (selected for high yields and disease resistance). Next, it’s essential to pick only perfectly ripe cherries. Daniso and his seasonal helpers carefully harvest, returning to the coffee trees every week or two and selecting only the ripest cherries.

Meticulous processing maintains and highlights the character of great coffees. For this Fruit Dried Natural processed coffee, the collected cherries are rinsed (to remove any debris), sorted (double checking that only the best cherries were picked), and then set to dry on raised beds with a depth of no more than one finger joint. Constant turning of the cherries ensures that they dry evenly and prevents mold and other defects. The process allows the farm to control the process from harvest through dried fruit. Since everything is done in-house, the Daniso team, with assistance from Catalyst Trade, controls the quality up to the point of export. The end result is a delicious cup with notes of honeydew, blueberry, and jasmine.

  • Farm: Daniso Horsa
  • Region: Sidama
  • Variety: 74158
  • Processing: Natural
  • Altitude: 2,230 meters

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