Ethiopia Tsebel

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This Ethiopian coffee is created by selecting only the ripest cherries. The combination of varieties and the washed process produces a complex yet clean cup characterized by balanced medium-high acidity and a silky medium-light body.

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Roast: Medium-Dark

Tasting Notes: Black Cherry, Tamarind, Raw Honey

About This Coffee

Kellenso Mekonissa is owned and operated by Aklilu Kassa. This washing station sits on 2.5 hectares of land and employs 170 seasonal and 12 permanent workers. Kellenso Mejonissa is also C.A.F.E (Coffee and Farmer Equity) certified by following ethical and sustainable guidelines.
All C.A.F.E. certified facilities must fulfill 4 criteria. Economic transparency, by providing evidence of payments for the coffee brought in. This includes the names of farmers and farm, the amounts paid for the harvest, and traceability of the amount paid to farmers. Social Responsibility, by having a zero-tolerance policy of child labor, providing minimum wages set by local/regional governments for all seasonal and Permanent workers. In addition to a safe work environment with access to protective equipment, healthcare, and education. Environmental Leadership, by following a zero-tolerance policy of converting natural forest into agricultural production and the use of pesticides. Quality, all coffee being produced must pass all set quality standards.
Kellenso Mekonissa is a pivotal resource for local coffee growers. The local farmers harvest their ripest cherries (only type accepted) and transport them to the washing station. The harvest is then weighed and logged, which allows the farmer to be paid. It is at the washing station that the process is chosen for the collective lots which are then prepped for export. With the help of Kellenso Mekonissa, these small farmers can share their hard work with the rest of the world.
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Tsebel comes from Southern Ethiopia's Oromia region. Most families work small garden farm plots where they grow heirloom, typica, and guji varieties. These exceptionally small family lots are sold to the local washing station, Kellenso Mekonissa, which operates under principles of farmer equity, with well-defined social responsibility, economic transparency, and environmental stewardship.

This is a washed coffee, and only the ripest cherries are selected. The cherries pass through a depulper to separate the skin from the green coffee seeds inside. In order to clean the sticky sugar-laden pulp from the seeds, they are fermented between 16-48 hours. The excess mucilage is then washed away and the seeds are dried to an optimal moisture level. The combination of varieties and the washed process create a complex but clean cup characterized by flavors of fresh black cherries and tamarind, a jasmine florality, raw honey sweetness, with balanced medium-high acidity, and a silky medium-light body.

  • Washing Station: Kellenso Mekonissa
  • Region: Oromina
  • Variety: Guji, Typica, Heirloom
  • Processing: Washed
  • Altitude: 200


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