Ethiopia Yaye Chericho Arbegona

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With flavors of apricot, a creme-caramel sweetness, lavender, and a lingering dark chocolate aftertaste, the Ethiopia Yaye Chericho Arbegona is one of the most incredible examples of modern coffee innovation. Supplies are extremely limited, so buy a jar of this rare coffee today.

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Roast: Light

Tasting Notes: Apricot, Caramel, Lavender, Dark Chocolate

Consumption Guidelines: Two six ounce jars are about a one month supply of weekend coffee for households with two to three coffee drinkers.

About This Coffee

This is another coffee sourced with Catalyst Trade, which partners with Faysel Abdosh in the Yaye Cherico Washing Station. Careful controls and documented processes are key to extended fermentations. If things go wrong with extended fermentations, butyric acid can form (which has an aromatic reminiscent of vomit). Yaye Cherico Washing Station avoids this with exceptional cleanliness, internal controls, and technical assistance from partners like Catalyst Trade’s Ethiopia team. These processes also have an environmental benefit, saving water and reducing water pollution by extending fermentations is important for an environmentally sustainable coffee mill.

In Sidama Ethiopia, where there are so many family farmers growing coffee on small plots, the quality of life for the farmers in the region is of utmost importance. Mr. Abdosh has set up a foundation to benefit the local communities. Coffee farmers face daily obstacles due to limited access to health care, clean water and electricity, education for the children, and other basic infrastructure. His foundation has helped establish two regional primary schools, a high school, and water works to bring clean water to communities.

We love the innovation coming out of Ethiopia. Coffee from the Yaye Chericho Washing Station demonstrates how exemplary processing, innovative techniques like Interval Fermentation, and investments in local communities help produce exceptionally unique coffees. The high elevation of the Chericho region slows the ripening of the cherries and creates tiny, dense coffee seeds packed with complex aromatics and carbohydrates. It is one reason so many Cup Of Excellence coffees hail from this region.

Faysel Abdosh’s Yaye Cherico Washing Station allows for experimental and innovative processing like this extended 72-hour fermentation. The processing maintains the inherent character of the coffee while elevating favorable floral and fresh fruit flavors. This is accomplished by careful cherry selection, extending fermentation, monitoring the enzymatic reactions at standard intervals to avoid over-fermentation, and introducing a double fermentation interval to develop specific characteristics endemic to the coffee. Look for flavors of apricot, a creme-caramel sweetness, lavender, and a lingering dark chocolate aftertaste.

  • Producer: Faysel Abdosh
  • Washing Station:  Chericho Washing Station
  • Region: Chericho municipality, Arbegona district, Sidama region
  • Variety: 74110 and 74158
  • Processing: Washed, 72-hour interval fermentation
  • Altitude:  1,995 - 2,230 meters
  • Roast:  Light

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