Finca La Cabra Cava Reserve

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We proudly welcome back rare coffee producer Willem Boot, who brings this unique Geisha variety, special terroir, that uses a unique fermentation process of proprietary reactors, producing a distinct refreshing wine-like quality.

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Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, White Grape, Clementine, Honey Sweetness, Meyer Lemon

Consumption Guidelines: Two six ounce jars are about a one month supply of weekend coffee for households with two to three coffee drinkers.

About This Coffee

From Willem Boot, producer of our 2022 Finca La Mula Rare coffee, comes Finca La Cabra, another farm he’s developed in Panama. Finca La Cabra is located near the Costa Rican border above the town of Portrerillos, close to the famed Boquete Valley in the province of Chiriqui. The farm measures 8 hectares and is planted with nearly 20,000 coffee trees. Besides the iconic Geisha variety, featured in this month’s rare coffee, the farm also features two Ethiopian heirloom varieties: Tigi 1 and Betty 2.

Kelly Hartmann manages the farm on behalf of partner-owners Willem Boot and his wife Catherine Cadloni and John and Lynelle Lawrence, co-owners of Mudhouse Coffee Roasters in Virginia.

Sustainability and regenerative farming are a priority when it comes to Finca La Cabra, where they have brought a number of international experts in biodynamic and regenerative agriculture to the farm. They are developing a bio-mass for compost that promotes mycelium networks in soil. Their most recent project is developing an onsite, water-saving mill.

The farm includes a state-of-the-art workers' housing and processing center where the well-being of the workers and the quality of the coffee is our priority.

From Willem Boot, producer of last year’s rare Finca La Mula, comes Cava Reserve from his neighboring Finca La Cabra. Marcus has visited this farm many times - first arriving when the seedlings were initially planted. The stunning farm - with ample shade trees, an adjacent cloud forest, and healthy nutrient-rich soil - all contribute to a healthy ecosystem growing stunning coffee.

Willem and his team designed proprietary fermentation reactors that allow for pressurization, turning of cherries, and other methods to ensure precise control during fermentation. The results are radically different coffees from the same farm. We will showcase this in September with La Cabra Lot C-31 Cava Reserve and again with a totally different profile in Lot C-55 Verne’s Peak.

Due to the distinct refreshing and winey quality of the cup, this lot is named Cava Reserve after the famous Spanish Cava wine. The Geisha variety, special terroir, and fermentation using innovative reactors create a complex cup with flavors of strawberry, white grape, clementine, honey sweetness, a tangy sweet Meyer lemon acidity, and a silky mouthfeel.

  • Producer:  Willem Boot
  • Farm Finca La Cabra
  • Region: Portrerillos, Chiriqui Provence, Panama
  • Variety: Geisha
  • Processing: Natural, Dry, Anaerobic
  • Altitude: 1,500 meters

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