Mexico Finca Encino

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This stunning coffee from Mexico represents the dedicated care of smallholder farmer Maria Marcelo showcasing intense fruit flavors and acidity.

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Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Blackberry, Cherry, Chocolate, Almond, Butterscotch, Melon, Pumpkin

About This Coffee

Coffee from Mexico continues to evolve, and this lot from Maria Marcelo is a prime example of the progress being made.
The journey of coffee in Mexico began in colonial times, around the late 18th Century. Due to the country's mineral deposits and mining opportunities, the focus was not given to coffee as a finical resource. However, with the growth of smallholder farms and land distribution after Mexico’s independence, coffee as an industry emerged. Like other nations, the Mexican government established a national coffee institution, INMECAFE, to provide resources and support to coffee farmers. This support was short-lived with the dissolution of INMECAFE in 1989, leaving smaller farms with little to no support. Since then, other organizations have emerged to assist coffee farmers with the resources they need.
With the emergence of movements in the coffee industry and focus on Fair Trade ideologies, Mexico has been able to develop the quality of its coffee. Though there continue to be struggles, farmers like Maria Marcelo have continued to push forward in pursuing the perfect cup. Her choice of processing this lot was the Natural method. This means that after the fully ripe cherries are picked and cleaned, they are laid out to dry. Due to the attention to detail placed in the drying process, we are gifted with a sweet and balanced cup.
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We're starting 2023 with a stunning coffee from Mexico, representing the excellent coffee from the dedicated care of smallholder farmer Maria Marcelo. Maria cultivates approximately 12,000 Typica, Bourbon, and Colombia coffee trees, practicing intercropping along with plantains, oranges, and limes. Finca Encino is located in the north of the Mexican state of Guerrero. The character of this coffee is partly defined by the rugged and mountainous forest, cool winds and plentiful rain, and proximity to the Pacific coast, which relieves the tree from hot summer temperatures. Due to this terroir and the abundant trees, Maria produces exceptional coffees, especially given the relatively low elevation. 

After carefully harvesting the ripest cherries, they are sorted and sun-dried for two weeks. This coffee showcases intense fruit flavors and acidity. This coffee exhibits initial flavors of blueberry and tamarind, unfolding into warm melon and apricot notes and finishing with a lingering dark chocolate note. All of which are complemented by medium acidity and juicy body.

  • Farm: Finca Encino
  • Region: Guerrero
  • Variety: Colombia, Typica, Bourbon
  • ProcessingNatural
  • Altitude1,200 masl

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