Panama Classic Reserve Finca Lerida

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With flavors of hazelnut, meyer lemon, lavender, and a hint of nougat, the Panama Classic Reserve Finca Lerida is a beautiful nod to the style of coffee that made this region famous - an iconic coffee as beautiful and elegant as they come. Pre-order this coffee today and receive your rare coffee two weeks before they are made available in store!

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Roast: Light

Tasting Notes: Meyer Lemon, Nougat, Lavender, Hazelnut, Red Apple

Consumption Guidelines: Two six ounce jars are about a one month supply of weekend coffee for households with two to three coffee drinkers.

About This Coffee

The Lerida Estate is renowned for their success in coffee competitions like the Best of Panama and the Cup of Excellence. Lerida Estate is divided into five distinct sections each dedicated to cultivating a specific coffee variety like Geisha, Pacamara, this Cautai lot, and Pacamara. Many prominent Panamanian coffee estates trace their origins to European settlers who came to Panama to help construct the Canal. The founder of Finca Lerida, Toleff Bache Mönniche, was a Norwegian engineer who acquired Finca Lerida - a farm now owned by the Chiari Family.

With a deep appreciation for the land, The Chiari Family achieves high cup quality while positively impacting the world through environmental preservation. One example is their worm farm - the byproducts of coffee processing are used to feed earthworms, whose casings are used as an effective fertilizer. They carefully manage wastewater using microbes to digest sugar and other contaminants from the coffee processing, leaving behind clean water.

This lot is the Catuai variety, a hybrid crossbreeding of Mundo Novo and Caturra. Catuai is known for its compact size. It offers a combination of excellent cup quality and high yields since it can be planted at nearly twice the density as other common varieties. The unique terroir of Finca Lerida, and the Chiari family’s attentive approach to farming and processing results in the iconic flavor profile and body of this lot.

Introducing Finca Lerida, one of the shining stars within the Lerida Estates family in Boquete, Panama. Our special pick, the Double Washed Catuai, is renowned for its distinctive and iconic flavor profile. It's a gem that's made its way onto goodboybob's exclusive menu for a reason—it's one of the cleanest, most delightful representations of classic Panamanian coffee, capturing the essence of this iconic region.

What sets this coffee apart is a combination of factors, starting with its lofty perch at over 2000 meters above sea level. Add to that the meticulous, careful processing at the farm, complemented by the unique terroir defined by 30 hectares of pristine natural forest. In recent years, precision farming techniques have elevated the quality further, including detailed soil and foliar testing and the use of targeted organic inputs.

Smooth and delicate, this coffee has hints of sweet Meyer Lemon, fragrant Lavender, comforting Hazelnut, juicy Red Apple, and a touch of indulgent Nougat. These flavors evolve and deepen as the coffee gradually cools, unveiling a symphony of notes that transport you to the heart of Panama, sip by sip.


  • Producer: Finca Lerida
  • Region: Boquete
  • Variety: Catuai
  • Processing: Double Washed
  • Altitude:  1,600 - 2,050 meters
  • Roast:  Light

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