Zambia Mafinga Hills

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This uniquely sweet coffee from Covoya Coffee comprises the Castillo Peaberry variety from three different estates in Zambia’s Mafinga Hills: Kateshi, Luombe, and Ngoli.

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Roast: Light Roast

Tasting Notes: Lavender, Blood Orange, Brown Sugar

About This Coffee

This lot from Covoya Coffee Estates comprises three different estates in Zambia: Kateshi, Luombe, and Ngoli. Each one with its own history and influence in the local communities in which they reside.
Kateshi, was one of the first coffee estates in Zambia, established in 1972. From its founding, Kateshi continues to be a pioneer in the region. It is known as the first and only coffee estate to hire women for traditionally male-dominated roles such as driving tractors, bulldozers, road graders, and other heavy machinery. The empowerment of women has expanded from Kateshi to neighboring communities.
Luombe is located in a forest preserve. This area is host to the spiritual sanctuary of the ChiBemba tribe. It is said that the area is home to the wise ancestors of the tribe and is protected by Black Mambas that inhabit the forest. Twice a year, the tribe comes together in this sacred place to consult with the ancient souls of their ancestors. Coffee from Luombe is special due to its soil's clay and sand mixture that provides the plants with ample water from underground aquifers, which are supplemented by surrounding hills.
Ngoli is also a spiritual land, said to be the home to the spirits of all the ancient chiefs of the Bemba tribe. Ngoli coffee estate works collaboratively with the indigenous tribe and does not interfere with their beliefs. In return, the indigenous communities lend their support to the production of coffee in the estate.
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This coffee from Covoya Coffee comprises the Castillo Peaberry variety from three different estates in Zambia’s Mafinga Hills: Kateshi, Luombe, and Ngoli. Peaberries are a distinct naturally forming mutation in the coffee cherry, where only one seed forms inside the cherry instead of the typical two seeds. Because only one seed forms, it develops a more spherical shape - making it roast behave uniquely in the roaster and developing a uniquely sweet coffee. The overall quality is attributed to this coffee's exceptional handling, processing, and drying. 

The Castillo Peaberry and the unique terroir of Mafinga hills, which includes clay and sand soil and native forest reserves, yields a coffee with brown sugar sweetness, flavors of rich blood orange, a lingering essence of lavender, and a thread of sage and malt, adding to the complexity. When brewed as a pour over, this coffee provides the experience of a velvety body and mild acidity.

  • Farm: Covoya Coffee Estate
  • Region: Mafinga Hills
  • Variety: Castillo - Peaberry
  • Processing: Washed
  • Altitude: 1,700 - 2,300 masl


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